Theme Park Bumper Cars

Amusement Park Bumper Cars Ride Types

Amusement Park Bumper Cars Ride is a popular amsuement item, and bumper cars have different types, it’s necessary for the people who want to make amusement invesment to know the bumper cars types.

Electric Bumper Car Price

Electric bumper cars can be divided into two types, one is top net bumper cars, and the other is ground net bumper cars. They should be equipped with conductive floors, conductive wires and strong fences. If you want to start your bumper car ride business, you have to buy the relevant parts of it.

electric bumper car
Amusement Park Electric Bumper Cars

Battery Bumper Car Price

Battery bumper car doesn’t require special conducting floors, ceilings, or wires. Batteries and power systems are installed inside the bumper cars’ bodies. Also, some battery-powered bumper cars are inflatable, made of PVC.

Qiangli Amusement Park Bumper Cars

Inflatable Bumper Car Price

Inflatable bumper cars don’t have steel frames, they don’t need special conductive floors for power. The inflatable bumper car is easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy to use. In terms of materials, inflatable PVC materials can prevent unnecessary collisions and are more portable and cheaper than other materials.

bumper car
Safety Theme Park Bumper Cars

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