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How much is the mini shuttle? Which manufacturer is good in China


The mini shuttle is a kind of track-sliding amusement ride. When running, the team quickly slides along with the track marks, and sometimes rises, sometimes dives, and sometimes turns. Because the track is vertical, it is irritating and interactive. Stronger, coupled with the lighting and sound effects, can better reflect the fun of this device.

Compared with the large roller coaster, the mini shuttle has a small height from the ground and a short sliding distance, which is more suitable for people who are pursuing small excitement. Compared with the price of a large roller coaster, it is also more affordable, and can take 20 people at a time, and the turnover is also More impressive, it is the darling of the big playgrounds. Many investors who are in contact with the amusement equipment industry may not understand the procurement doorway of this industry. If they don’t know how to distinguish the manufacturers of amusement equipment, take this mini shuttle example. Now there are many products that do not have the qualification of mini shuttle amusement equipment. Manufacturers and traders display a large number of pictures, materials, and even other pictures of qualified manufacturers in the network to pretend to be their own production, so that customers can not correctly distinguish the authenticity of the company, resulting in many customers being low-cost by these manufacturers without formal qualifications. The quotation has attracted the past, and after deep understanding of the industry rules, I regret it! Therefore, before purchasing a mini shuttle, you must first confirm whether the manufacturer has production and installation qualifications, and inspect the production plant on site, to understand the customer case of the manufacturer’s production and installation, it is best to visit the site, confirm that there is no problem, then talk about cooperation. Not too late.

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The stimulation of this type of equipment depends on the laying of the track, but the laying of the track is based on the size of the site. Our company can customize it according to the customer’s wishes, and the price of the different sizes of the track is different. Zhengzhou powerful amusement equipment manufacturer, integrating research and development, production and sales, is a one-stop service manufacturer specializing in the planning, design and construction of mechanical amusement equipment and indoor and outdoor amusement parks. If you are interested in the mini shuttle of the amusement equipment, you can contact our company and we will be happy to help you. Please send an email to:[email protected]

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