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High temperature in summer, children’s play equipment will respond well in advance


Speaking of summer, people can’t help but think of it: in the three days, the sweat is dripping, even the air seems to solidify without a trace of coolness. In this high temperature weather, we try to stay indoors to avoid sunburn and heatstroke. For children’s play equipment, it is more prone to failure in summer. How should we deal with the hot summer weather as a business operator? Powerful play is a domestic manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Based on its own strength and years of experience, we provide some “small coups” for equipment maintenance to help investors earn more and more.

From the root of the problem that summer amusement equipment is prone to problems, it is still caused by the high temperature weather causing the equipment to overload and operate. Since it is a hot weather, we will find a way to “cool down”. If we have the conditions, we should try our best to put the equipment indoors. If it is not possible, we will make a device to block the light under the premise of ensuring safety. This will prevent the equipment from being exposed to direct sunlight and provide a place for tourists to enjoy the cold. A better security experience. On the other hand, since it is known that the equipment is easily damaged by high temperature during the summer, it is necessary to arrange for the commissioner to carry out the daily inspection and safety test of the equipment to ensure that the equipment has sufficient downtime and rest time to ensure the safety of tourists. . In addition to this, by adding fans, heat dissipation and other measures to cool and dissipate the core parts, it is necessary to know that the entire amusement equipment cannot be used once the core components are seriously damaged. The hot weather in summer is a big difficulty for the operators. If you deal with them in advance, you can avoid the problems more timely and accurately, resulting in lower profits.

In the back of the article, Xiaobian also wants to remind investors: In the face of the variety of amusement equipment and manufacturers in the market, customers should pay more attention to equipment quality and after-sales service in addition to price comparison. Buying a play equipment is not a deal, and it is also an important part of the after-sales service.

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