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Making money in the peak season, large-scale amusement equipment safety “physical examination” is indispensable


Generally speaking, the operating seasons of amusement equipment are mostly in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, especially with the recent increase in temperature. People are also willing to go out indoors and outdoors to enjoy interesting novelty experience. The operator is also a rare opportunity to make money. It is a very important aspect to do a good job in checking equipment during the explosion of tourists. As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer in China, Powerful Play combines its own years of production R&D and sales experience to popularize the main points of downstream equipment inspection. importance.

I believe that everyone has heard about it. The “big pendulum” incident that occurred in Xuchang Park some time ago and the “Japanese roller coaster” news that was sent back to China yesterday clearly show why there are frequent accidents that bring people joy. In fact, this also reflects the safety shortcomings of the current amusement industry. The tragedy is also a tragic way to remind manufacturers: pay attention to the benefits brought by the amusement project and at the same time safe physical examination. Compared with small and medium-sized equipment, the inspection of large-scale projects should be more careful and comprehensive. In the case of double-decker luxury horses, it will be checked three times a day: when starting a new day, it is necessary to check the safety devices. Whether it can operate normally and whether the safety protection is firm; it is better to conduct a short re-inspection during the shift; the inspection of this type of large-scale amusement equipment should focus on the inspection and cleaning of the equipment after the end of the day’s operation. Maintenance is a very important part of maintenance work.

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