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What factors should be included in a profitable ride?


Tagada is a gyro-type play device. When the Tagada is in operation, the passengers take a circle around the sofa around the disc. Under the powerful centrifugal force, the equipment can rotate and fly at high speed. When it is exaggerated, it can tilt forty-five degrees, and it can be used once, and the earthquake is very strong. So, how much is the Tagada? What are the factors for a profitable ride?

First, the quality

There is such a saying that we all have heard that “the sharpening of the knife does not miss the firewood” is also applicable to the amusement industry. It is better to make more choices in the selection of amusement projects, and it is better to choose second-hand or refurbished machines for a short time. The practice is not only a small trouble for the later operation, but also a security risk, and is also irresponsible to tourists. Pay attention to the quality of children’s play equipment in order to make money in the true sense!

Second, the value of the face

If you want to make money for your own rides, you must be able to attract tourists. If you want to attract tourists, you can’t get a “face value”. For children, the beautiful appearance, colorful lights and happy and brisk music are very important points. With this blessing, you can catch the eyes of children and parents.

tagada ride

Third, the cost

For small and medium-sized investors, limited operating costs are a major constraint on their own. Therefore, it is very necessary to predict your own operating costs and site size in advance to choose the right ride.

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