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How much is an amusement park carousel ride?


Carousel ride for sale is a kind of classic and esstional amusement item in amusement park, theme park, carnival, and other entertainment places. Many amusement park carousel ride investors want to buy the carousel ride and know the price of the carousel ride. Actually, we couldn’t give you a specific price unless we know your requirement details. Many factors will influence the costs of the playground carousel ride for sale you choose.

Seat. There are different specifications carousel ride we produce, such as the 8-seat, 10-seat, 12-seat, 16-seat, 24-seat and 36-seat amusement park carousel ride according to the site conditions. So, the larger merry go round rides, the more expensive.

Decoration degree. We Qiangli amusement park carousel ride manufacturer produce different decoration degree of the merry go round. There are simple decoated carousel, medium decoated carousel rideand luxury carousel rides. The luxury carousel is the most attractive and easily attrat people’s attention.

Transmission mode. We Qiangli produce three types of transmission mode of the carousel ride, including upper transmission and lower transmission. The process of upper transmission is complex, and not easily go wrong, so the cost is higher. Of course, the maintance cost is less.

Indoor or outdoor use. The material of indoor carousel ride will be less than the outdoor carousel ride. The paint of outdoor carousel ride should be automotive paint. The automative painting has the characteristics of anti-wear, anti-sun and anti-corrosion.

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