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Amusement Theme Park Carousel Ride Merry Go Round SGS Certified

36 person merry go round,also named  36 person Carousel Rides,36 person carousel horse etc, is popular amusement rides in parks. When the carousel starts, the turntable of carousel rotates gradually and the horses will go up and down along the turntable. Carousel ride is suitable for all parks and playground all the time.

According to the working principle, the horse is divided into the upper-transmission and down-transmission.

According to the appearance, the horse is divided into a simple horse and a luxury horse. The luxury horse has a single flying dragonfly, a double flying dragonfly, a European style, a sea, a candy and the like.

Technical Data of 36 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride

Capacity36 persons
Covering Area12*12m
MaterialFRP& steel
Model & Seatcustomized

Selectable Animal Model For 24 Seats Luxury Carousel Ride

Qiangli amusement is China Leading carousel ride manfacturer and supplier which is with 20 years carousel horse ride experience and have the  absolute workshop for manufacturing various carousel and animal model for all carousel ride, even customize cabin at your request, whatever animal model do you need, we all can custom the same model for you, below are some animal model for your



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