Carnival Train Ride

Carnival Trackless Train Ride For Kids

What fun do you have in your weekend and holiday? How about driving to a theme park or canival rides with your family.Big pendulume maybe thrill and don’r worry,let’s try family rides,Tourist Train.

Tourist train rides is perfect and must-to-go place in a amusement park and carnival rides. It is both acceptable by adults and Children.It is also can be a family ride,so enjoy it.

If you are running indoor or our door playgrounds,shopping malls,supermarkets, 7-11 stores, baby product stores, children’s hospitals, local parks, theme parks, children’s playground, Kindergartens, or other crowded places. Don’t miss train rides, variety of optional colors, size can be customized.

Factory price and best quality for you.Come on,Let’s start business now.

Product NameBrand Qiangli Kids Family Rides Amusement Park Equipment Factory Price of Amusement Park Train Rides
Colorcustomized color and led light design
StandardGB 18165-2000 Standards
Train Loco DimensionW3.23*D2.09*H1.22M
Trian Carriage DimensionW2.50*D1.22*H1.75M
Max Length17m with 6 Carriage


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