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shaking head flying chairs Rides also called thrilling chair, swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger. It represent one of the most classic attractions in the marker, because of it’s simple and beautiful movement. Passengers are simply seated on the chairs would be have the sense to fly around the ride. All families ,kids and adults run this ride and enjoy the beautiful theme and decoration.


Shaking head model:

It can do up and down activity, more fun and excited experience.

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NameAmusement park rides flying chair
Running Speed9-10 circles/min9-10 circles/min9-10 circles/min

Amusement flying chair ride is a kind of new park ride which developed lately. It is divided into general fly chair and shaking flying chair, the general flying chair to lift the seat and start rotating, shaking flying chair is added a shaking model, more exciting. The column for revolution movement and the big turntable on the top rise tilt and swing. When visitors ride on the hanging chair, in equipment’s operation, which sometimes floated off, sometimes accompanied by minor weightness feeling down, overweight, weight loss, the experience is thrill and exciting. Because of its fairland feeling and enjoyment, flying chair ride becomes popular in family rides.


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