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Amusement Park Kids Rotation Car Lebar Happy Rides

The music bar is novel in style, safe and reliable, simple to operate, very fun, with front and rear clamp speed control. It can be driven back and forth, left and right, 360 degrees in rotation, 30 degree slope driving, can be driven regularly, and automatically count. It has been launched in all major amusement parks and is loved by tourists. The music bar adopts a dual-motor electric controller with handles and is equipped with music, lanterns and other devices. Charging for 6-8 hours, continuous driving for more than 8 hours, average speed of 8 km/h, can take two people, the highest load 200Kg.

Specification for Kids rotation car amusement park lebar happy wheel rides kid rotating electric park amusement happy crazy car:

Voltage12V 35AH*2Power:200W
Cockpit1Passenger:2 person


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